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come on

c h a l l e n g e  m e

                             I want to rip your throat out

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Neighborly Hospitality { closed for The-Taxidermy }




Faint sniffling could be heard from within the man’s mask, even if his neighbor’s comforting shoulder pat was lightly helpful. It was interesting; he hadn’t recalled showing any emotions aside from pain, distress, and infatuated love to those around him since he was alive. For until now, he hadn’t shed too many tears; his tear ducts already barely worked, so what was the use of wasting them over daily situations?

Thank you, Mr. Taxidermy, ❞ Gosh replied after the few moments of silence.

 ❝ Please forgive my minor emotional turmoil; where on earth are my manners this afternoon? ❞ He asked himself before brushing off, sitting back in his chair, and letting out a long sigh. To ease himself, he took his small, warm cup into his hands, and drank slowly.

The god nodded slowly as his hands held a firm grip on the smaller man.

"Do not fret, friend…"

The Taxidermy sat in silence, slightly surprised he slipped out the word “friend” Taxidermy was never really fond of how Mr.Gosh interacted with Lenore, But the button eyed man began to grow on him. He was so passionate yet tender. Under his mask held a broken man. Taxidermy loved all the children of this world. He wouldn’t …. he couldn’t ignore Mr.Gosh.


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       Why should I apologize for the
                M O N S T E R
                    I’ve become when
                                           no one apologized for
                                                                         making me this way?

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Neighborly Hospitality { closed for The-Taxidermy }



  Ah, I see, ❞ Gosh replied with a nod. 

❝  Thee pure peace and serenity of these quiet, nature-inhabited woods is simply breathtaking. Makes’ a man rather glad most of the town fled long ago.

He chuckled lightheartedly at his final remark.

  And, I’m glad to hear she’s.. alright, and being cared for. You’re obviously more suitable for that position than I.

There was a hint of sad, drained hesitance in his response as his left hand began to tremble, and his gaze shifted to the crackling fire.


Tell me, Taxidermy.. how has she been? Oh how I’ve tried to forget that rambunctious, back-stabbing vixen; but alas, I cannot seem to remove her from my ever-lasting thought process. ❞ He said miserably, nearly resisting the urge to bury his head into his crossed arms.

The Taxidermy winced. He didn’t mean to bring up Lenore, it just slipped out. Gently he place his palm on the smaller mans shoulder.

"She’s alright but stubborn as always" He tried to give a light chuckle.

His pitch black eyes scanned over Gosh. Searching for any other emotion. Carefully giving the other man a reassuring pat.

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But Not Tonight
Depeche Mode
Black Celebration
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when my eyes had been so red

i’d been mistaken for dead…

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Neighborly Hospitality { closed for The-Taxidermy }



" Do forgive me. I believe we’ve gotten off to a rocky start, " Gosh remarked, sensing Taxidermy’s change in speaking. " Why, I don’t even believe I properly introduced myself, even if you most likely have heard my name at some point in time. My name is Mr. Gosh, and I’ve lived here for the past 115 years. From when I was born, to after I crossed the mortal coil. Ever since my last rejection, it’s where I’ve stayed to recover by preoccupying myself with figuring out my past, rather than focusing on a love I know now can most likely never be recovered.

" And what about yourself, Mr. Taxidermy?


Taxidermy leaned in closer, causing the chair underneath to moan do his shifting weight. 


He clasped his hands together as he began to roll his neck slowly, Relieving tension with each crack. Quietly in his mind he debated if he should speak the truth. 

"I’ve lived in the woods for most of my life… For a good amount of time. Longer than you’ve been here." He chuckled softly.

"It’s quiet. Peaceful. With no disturbance. Yet, at times it can get lonely. After Malaki passed I haven’t had much company. Lenore rarely visits. But she invites me to a few tea parties. But over all. It’s been…. fine.  "

Well he did speak some truth.

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ragamuffinthescourge said:
Hello Taxidermy

Standing upright, The Taxidermy glared down at the small doll. 

"Oh, Hello. Friend…"

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that-spider-you-threw-a-book-at said:
♥ - What does ‘love’ mean to them? ♠ - What are they afraid of?

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

"I’m afraid of losing the ones I love. Failing the Children. Losing Myself. Which I fear… has already happened….”

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Reblog if you want a “why are you so…” in your ask.

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